AZ Business Consulting

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Service List

AZ Business Consulting provides a full range of accounting services including:

· General bookkeeping and accounting assistance

· Audit preparation assistance

· New accounting system design and implementation

· Senior staff augmentation

Accounting Support

AZ Business Consulting can create a range of reports to support your strategic objectives.  From basic profit and loss statements, to in-depth analysis of your company’s financial health, ABC can provide your Board of Directors, Executive Management, or owners the information they need to make decisions.  And once you have the reports, we’ll help you understand what they mean  - providing you the information to make sense of the numbers.

Financial Analysis

Cash flow and cash management are the lifelines of your business enabling you to do everything else.  Management of this important asset is essential.  ABC can help you develop cash and investment policies, cash flow budgets, and reports for your investors or creditors.

Cash and Investment Management

How is your business going to cope with the everyday changes in the marketplace?  ABC can help you asses the health of your organization and to proactively plan for changes in the business environment.  Whether it’s a way to respond to increased competition, or the ultimate sale or merger of your business, ABC can help you build a roadmap to achieve your objectives.

Business Development and Strategic Planning